Trey Hollingsworth Makes Term Limits Pledge
Pledge has already been personally delivered to thousands of Hoosiers


Trey Hollingsworth, candidate for Congress, has pledged not to serve more than four terms in the House, if elected.  He has also committed to work toward implementing term limits for all Members of Congress.


Over the last month, Hollingsworth has personally delivered his signed term limits pledge to over 1,000 homes and thousands of voters in Indiana’s 9th district.

"The time for term limits is now," said Hollingsworth.  “As career politicians focus on the next election, they lose focus on the next generation.  I am committed to a return to true public service and, to lead by example, I will serve no more than four terms as I work to enact term limits for all members of Congress.”

Individuals interested in receiving Trey’s signed term limits pledge can visit


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