Here they go again...


Here they go again. 

Indianapolis insiders think they know what is best for us. They have controlled the Presidential delegate selection process, and now they want to pick our nominee for Congress. They want someone who will represent Indianapolis, not Southern Indiana. They want a liberal, not a conservative. They want someone who owes them their votes. So, obviously, they don’t want me, and now they’ve decided to attack.

Here’s why the attacks are coming: my internal polling shows me up by double-digits, and the insiders are getting desperate. These Indianapolis liberals refuse to accept the will of the people and are planning on spending hundreds of thousands of dollars through a special interest group to run nasty and negative attack ads. They don’t want to repeal Obamacare. They don’t want to secure the border. They don’t want to curtail government spending. They don’t want someone talking about passing term limits for politicians. And they REALLY don’t want a political outsider bringing business sense to Washington.

They are scared of YOU, the voter. You know that the “politics as usual” that they continue to sell has gotten us nowhere. You know that, if we hope to change Washington, we have to change who we send to Washington. You know that we must start fixing things today.

I am committed to the conservative change we want here in Southern Indiana. I’m not taking special interest money, but I will marshal my own resources to fight back against the Indianapolis and Washington insiders. We will meet them – and defeat them – on TV, on the radio, in your mailbox, and on the ground. We are all ready to take this country back; let’s do it together in this district, in this election.

You can join the fight by voting early TODAY, announcing your support on social media, or signing up to walk your neighborhood in the last weekend before the election. Call my campaign at (812) 379-8739 or email [email protected] right now to sign up!

Indy insiders have a lot to lose if one of their cronies doesn’t take YOUR seat in Congress. They are going to play dirty, but they won’t be able to deny your votes and voices in this election – votes for genuine conservative change. 

Be of good cheer,

Trey Hollingsworth

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