Right out of business school, Trey Hollingsworth started a company that rehabilitates abandoned warehouses and manufacturing sites.  Today, the firm’s nine facilities in Indiana are home to small businesses, distributors, and manufacturers. 

In addition to bringing old factories back to life, Trey also partnered with Hoosiers in 2007 to start an aluminum manufacturing firm that now employs over 100 people.  They have together turned scrap into 1.5 billion pounds of aluminum for American consumers.

Almost as important as who Trey is, is who he isn’t.  Trey is not a politician.  He has never held office and isn’t seeking a political career. Trey has personally signed a term limits pledge for thousands of Hoosiers so citizens know he will never forget those principles. 

Trey will fight to unleash the free market so American workers and innovators can grow, thrive, and create real careers.  He stands for shrinking government, repealing Obamacare, balancing the budget, and reforming the burdensome tax code.  He will advocate for a return to true public service, where citizens – not career politicians – use their private-sector experience to get our government focused on a better future – for businesses and families.

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