A Note From Trey


Dear Fellow Hoosier,

There has never been a more pivotal time to get involved in our political process.  Thank you for investing your time to learn more about who I am and why I am running for Congress.

Right out of school, I started HCP, a company that rehabilitated abandoned warehouses and manufacturing sites in Indiana and across the country.  Because of the productivity of the American worker, the ingenuity of American companies, and the durability of the American economy, I believed American manufacturing could compete with anybody in the world, even as others rushed to the exits.  I renovated facilities enabling companies to expand, start, and grow in their new, American locations.  Today, my firm is one of the fastest growing private companies in the country with over 65 facilities that are home to thousands of employees.  

After helping other manufacturers succeed, I partnered with incredible businessmen and chemists to start an aluminum remanufacturing operation.  Today, that facility provides for over one hundred families and, to date, has produced over 1.5 billion pounds of aluminum – right here in Indiana.

I have built a lot of factories, but I take the most pride in building a loving relationship with my wife, Kelly.  As we look forward to our family growing, I think about how precious our future is and how conservative, Christian values need to guide us.

Almost as important as who I am, I also want you to know who I am not.  I am not a politician, and I don’t want a career in public office.  I’ve never worked in government or for any campaign.  I tell you this because I don’t believe we are going to get different results if we keep electing the same kind of people: career politicians who put their own personal agendas above Hoosiers’ and Americans’ priorities.

Here’s what I believe:

I believe there is a big difference between people in the private sector earning a living and politicians living off our earnings.  In my opinion, you shouldn’t ask for the right to spend our tax dollars until you have had to honestly earn them from outside government.

I believe in term limits. Public service should not be a career path. I promise you that I will serve no more than eight years as your Representative.

I believe in shrinking government and oppose legislating so-called “solutions.”  We need to free American innovators and families from the tentacles of a bloated government.

I believe in Christian family values; what good is an efficient government if it is not a principled government?  Sadly, none of us think of “principled” when we think of today’s political class.

Above all else, I believe in America.  Anything I have achieved has been because I partnered with American workers to invest in American dirt in pursuit of the American dream.   

Yours in service,

Trey Hollingsworth

P.S. - I look forward to meeting you and to discussing these vital issues in greater depth because now is the time to change Washington. I hope you will never hesitate to contact me with your questions and concerns.  I can always be reached at [email protected].

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