All About Shelli Yoder


By far the most powerful reason to vote against Shelli Yoder is that she is exactly like Hillary Clinton on the issues.

In 2012, just like Hillary Clinton, she supported higher taxes: higher income taxes on families and taxes that would hurt businesses.  She even said "I am open to the food and beverage tax.” (1)

As a Member of the Monroe County Council, Yoder has raised at least 25 tax rates in just 3 years! (2)

And she’d add trillions to the debt…just like Hillary Clinton.

But there’s more: Like Clinton, Yoder supports amnesty for illegal immigrants. (3)

Shelli Yoder even proposed cutting the size of our military, stating that she would support cutting “the size of our ground troops to pre-9/11 levels." Yoder wants to cut valuable national defense resources and wants to expand diplomacy with Iran. (4) As the architect of the failed Iran Deal, Clinton exemplifies the failed foreign policy ideas that Shelli Yoder supports. 

Earlier this year, Hillary Clinton unveiled her health care plan which includes the government-run “public option” - or government-run health insurance. Yoder supports the "public option" as well, which would cost taxpayers billions and further restrict free choices by Americans.

Shelli Yoder is a typical liberal Democrat who would be just like Hillary Clinton on the issues.  That makes her just plain wrong to represent Indiana’s 9th Congressional District.


Sources: (1) Mary Hauber, “Monroe County Proposes Food and Beverage Tax,” Indiana Daily Student (Bloomington), August 28, 2013; (2) Monroe County Council Ordinances, 2013 - 2016; (3) Jon Blau, “Local Democrats, union leaders line up to support immigration reform,” Herald Times (Bloomington, IN), July 10, 2013; (4) Kasey Husk, “Indiana 9th District candidates express views at luncheon,” Herald-Times (Bloomington, IN), March 21, 2012
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